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Kwellers Confectionery


Our Confectionery

V = Vegetarian; G = Gluten Free; SF = Sugar free; Vegan = Vegan

American Hard Gums (V&G)
Wine Gums
Liquorice Allsorts 

Jelly Beans (V&G)
BlackBerry & Raspberry Gums
Black Jacks
Fruit Salads

Chocolate Eclairs (SF)
Dolly Mixtures
Jelly Babies

Vegan Sweet Mix (Vegan)
Fizzy Dummies
Fried Eggs
Midget Gems


Lemon Sherbert's

Rhubarb & Custards (SF)
Aniseed Twists
Chocolate Limes
Pear Drops

Pink & White Love Hearts (V&G)
Kola Cubes

Fizzy Cola Bottles (V&G)
Mint Humbugs
Pineapple Cubes
Mini Eggs

Everton Mints (SF)
Milk Chocolate Beans
Chocolate Jazzies

Confectionery sold subject to availability