A Murder at Kwellers 🧐

Calling all budding detectives! We need your help to solve the mysterious murder of local businessman David Locke.


About the Event

See if you have what it takes to be top investigators. Solve puzzles, unlock codes and find clues to track down the murder weapon before the time runs out. Bring your friends, bring your colleagues, bring your family!


An exciting, hour-long immersive puzzle game, A Murder at Kwellers promises a challenging and fun escape room experience which will test you to your limit as you work together to solve the case.


The Scenario


Budding businessman David Locke often hires the back room of the café to see clients and work on his town projects. Just before locking up, one of the waitresses made the grisly discovery of his cold body. Who could want him dead? And why?


Despite the best efforts of local law enforcement, no answers have been found. We need YOUR help to find the evidence and uncover the truth.


You and your team will have one hour to assess the crime scene and work your way through the clues to discover the murder weapon and the identity of the true murderer. Have you got what it takes to stay calm under pressure and see justice done? Or will you let the culprit slip through your fingers?


Suitable for groups of 2 - 5 people. Recommended 13 years and up.

Sessions run from 12 noon to 9pm (last session you can book will be 8pm) - see event page for selected dates. 


A Murder at Kwellers is the first in a series of pop-up escape room-style mysteries run by Rycroft Games Ltd - held inside the cosy and popular Kwellers Cafe in St Neots High Street.


Why not arrive early and enjoy a drink and a selection of Kwellers delicious home-made meals, cakes and treats? We've even included a discount on food and drink for anyone playing the game (voucher provided on purchase of ticket).